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toResign.net is focused on helping job seekers at all stages of their working life. Whether you’re just setting out and are wondering how to go about breaking into the world of work, trying to find a job in your area of interest; or whether you are a seasoned veteran looking to fine-tune your interview skills, you will discover invaluable job information and careers advice here. Think of of the job search process as a numbers challenge. One critical success factor revolves around your ability to identify a large number of potential job prospects.

To accomplish this, you need to have you hand one the pulse of the job market place. You need to better understand where to look for jobs and whether or not these employment opportunities match up with your education, skills, and experience. We offer all that and more at our website. If you are looking for timely job openings in your prospective job field, then chances are we will have covered off on those types of jobs.

Everyday, you will discover various updates to our website, listing a plethora of job vacancies. And that is the leverage you need to gain the upper hand. As mentioned, the wider net you cast, the greater the chances are that the numerous job prospects you uncovered will lead to job inquires….then to job interviews… and hopefully multiple job offers.


But that’s a lot of words, so, what do we really do?

Latest Job News

We’ll say it as it really is and you’ll never find us being some politician’s mouthpiece. If you are looking for local jobs, then you have arrived at the right place. This is no podium for an attempt at justifying a bloated expense account, this a practical job and career resource that touches on things that matter to you, which may very well be a career change in the making. The focus is on helping you locate vacancies. We tell you where jobs are and where they aren’t, who’s offering training and who’s sending out redundancy letters. You’ll also be treated to a wide range of editorials to set you thinking about how prepared you are to successfully carve out your niche in the job vacancy marketplace. If you’re after employment and you aren’t sure where to look, look here first.

Careers Advice

Don’t know what to do with yourself? If you haven’t got a specific vocation in mind, we discuss what’s around, look at salaries, qualifications, training, and just about everything you need to get you on the route to the top in whatever field takes your fancy. And in the ever growing online job market, you may find your perfect niche.

Even if you’ve never had a job before or you’re still at school, we’ll give you advice and help about how to make the most of the skills and qualifications you’ve got – no matter how minimal they might be.

Find A New Occupation

Maybe you’re thinking about leaving the regular 9 to 5 behind and emigrating? We advise on working abroad and living the dream (or nightmare as it can also be) but you won’t find us chinking wine glasses against a sunset backdrop. Perhaps you’d like to get a job as an entertainer at a holiday camp or serve meals on a cruise ship? That’s all here, too! We also walk you through the job application process and help you prepare for that winning job interview.

Company Reviews

We look at the major employers and what they offer by way of job vacancies – both in the UK and in the US. We investigate their often tortuous application processes (often a bit like an SAS Survival course – get to the end and we’ll take you on). We’ll tell you about bonuses, holidays, benefits and everything you need to make an informed choice about who is going to provide you with your livelihood.

The World Of Work

Fed up with the way the boss treats you or perhaps you are the boss and you’re sick of how your employees treat you? We cast a critical, if occasionally world-weary and jaundiced, eye over what’s going on in the jobs market. In fact, even if you’re settled in work and wondering what you’re doing on a job vacancies website, you’ll still always find something to make you go ‘mmm’ here.

Stack The Odds In Your Favour

Wonder why some people just walk into the best-paid jobs? An experienced recruitment officer explains practical tips and how to advance your job prospects. So job seekers, don’t just apply for job vacancies and hope or go along to interviews with your tail between your legs; rather start off with the expectation of actually being offered the job. For example, are you left tongue-tied when asked, “Why do you want this job?” or variations on the theme? Don’t be. We’ll tell you how to come up with an answer that will have the interviewer wanting to cancel the other appointments.

Most of the time there is nothing magical in the selection process – it’s just down to common sense and a bit of graft beforehand. Once we’ve started you down the path to enlightenment, there will be no stopping you.

But, best of all, we’ll talk you through getting those job offers rolling in and we won’t even charge you for the privilege!

Our aim is to be thought-provoking, constructively critical, inventive and decisive about anything career, work or business related. There’s no space here for the mindless filler that other sites use to choke their pages with.

With years of experience of recruitment, sales, the commercial world and seeing things from both the employer’s and the employee’s point of view, we are:

A New Twist on Job Vacancies

Looking for some flexible full or part time jobs? Visit www.workingmums.co.uk to view all the latest work from home jobs. On the site you will also find a section on franchise opportunities.

Get Ahead With Our Employer Details

Our jobs news features tell you about what’s happening and when and they usually come with a direct link that will give you more information about applying. Another great feature is our list of hundreds major employers with hypertext links direct to their job application forms or recruitment sections. Check it out!

In-depth analyses of what the Employers have to offer

We look at the application processes, benefits, rewards, training schemes, types of job on offer for the big and much sought after companies such as Tesco and Marks and Spencer. If you’re wanting to go for one of their job vacancies, you just have to read our reviews first.