Business Contract Application Cover Letter Example

If you are going to apply for business contract for your company then use our example letter.

You will need to provide all the details of your offer. Do not miss any points otherwise it may cost you the deal.

You should also contact one of their manager to discuss about the contract to understand their requirements for the job.

You will also need to enclose a pdf that explains full details about the contract.

Do not forget to send the contract application letter to the right person. Addressing to the wrong person can also harm your application.

It’s also good idea to get your letter seen by another professional to make sure that you haven’t made any mistake.

Business Contract Application Cover Letter Example

Dear sir/madam,

I have been a close follower of the business contracts of your company and so far I have got the chance to do some business with you once. That contract I received was for a limited period of one month. We had a good deal at that time. It was about three years back.

Now, I have learned from a local newspaper that your company is looking for a new firm to make a contract for your security requirements. I can confidently say that, it is my firm that you will be looking for. For the last 12 years, we have been the best in this business. All the staff in our concern is highly trained and the equipments we use are of the highest quality.

I would like to have a good and long-term contract with your company. I hope our application for the contract will be taken up for consideration soon.

Thanking you for your valuable time and consideration


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