Chemical Engineer Cover Letter Example

You can use our example covering letter if you are going to apply for a Chemical Engineer job in the UK or anywhere else in the world.

There are a few things you should consider when writing an application letter:

– Spelling and grammatical mistakes will only fail you. Get your letter proof read before sending it to the employers. Ask your friends or family members to check your writing before going ahead with your application.

– Keep it short and concise. No one has time to read long letters. They may cross your name out if its too long to read!

– No need to design your letter. No one cares. What’s more important is the content of your letter not how it looks.

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Chemical Engineer Cover Letter Example

Mrs. B. Employee
4, Your House
That Street
Your Town
PO57 3DE

Dear HR

With reference to your requirement posted on on 10th of February, I wish to apply for the position of a chemical engineer. It is my long cherished dream to work in a reputed organization like yours.

I am currently working as a senior chemical engineer in a reputed chemical engineering firm Sun Pharmacy since last three years. My job responsibility includes processing chemicals, leading a team of junior engineers and also researching on the latest chemical available in the market. I keep updating myself with all the requirements of chemical industry. I have extensive knowledge about chemicals and have strong technical skills.

It will be a great honor if I get an opportunity to work in your company. I am attaching a copy of my resume with this letter.


Your Name

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