Cover Letter for Accounts Sales Executive Job Applications

Writing a cover letter is one of the most important stages in a job application. Use this covering letter example for the role of an Accounts Sales Executive job.

The role of an Accounts Sales Executive you’ll assume responsibility for a number of advertising accounts, oversee the work of account executives and be a key person in charge of budgets and administration. You will also be responsible for the sales and promotion of company products, such as financial assistance and accountancy services.

Quite how much responsibility you have will depend on whether you work under an account director, or are directly responsible to the managing director. Entry requirements as an account sales executive, you will need to have at least a BTEC HND or preferably a degree in the subject of marketing, advertising, statistics, media studies or business management, as well as a solid sales background.

Duties for Accounts Sales Executive:

  • Managing a portfolio of accounts
  • Dealing with all aspects of a campaign
  • Using an existing network of industry contacts to generate new business
  • Leading and training other members of the account team
  • Managing the work of account executives
  • Leading project management activity
  • Ensuring necessary actions are undertaken by the account team
  • Building a ‘territory’
  • Achieving sales targets
  • Delivering sales presentations to high-level executives
  • Attending client meetings
  • Maintaining and expanding relationships with existing clients
  • Completing administrative work, as required

Example cover letter for Accounts Sales Executive

Cover Letter Example – Accounts Sales Executives

Janet Down

2 Charles Street

Some Town


your email @

Mrs Green

Recruitment Manager

The Science Lab Ltd

That City Business Park

That City, MC34 5GF

Dear Mrs Brown,

Please find enclosed my application form and CV for the post of Accounts Sales Executive as advertised in the (where you found vacancy). With a solid accounting background, I am certain that my qualifications and related experience would be of benefit to your company.

I have worked in my current position as an Accounts Sales Executive for five years, however, due to redundancy, I am seeking a new and exciting role within the industry. I also possess a Degree in Marketing of which I achieved at the (University) to a 2:1 award classification.

My current role is based within an insurance firm, of which has given me extensive knowledge of the industry that I will bring with me to your organisation. I work very well under stress, having had tight deadlines to reach in my previous position. I have good time management skills as well. I am able to easily ascertain the customer’s needs in order to ensure that they get the results that they are looking for. I understand the importance of working together with the customer to closely attend to their needs and ensure that they are always happy.

 I have excellent communication and negotiation skills. I also have good leadership skills having previously managed a small team of three people and relish the idea of doing something similar again.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I am available for interview at any time, and look forward to hearing from you shortly


Jane Doe

Enclosure: CV

Accounts Sales Executives Cover Letter

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