Email Resignation Letter Example

Resignation Email Message Template: If you are going to tender your resignation via email then you need to format it differently to a letter in the lay out rather than the information.

Email template example as below:

Email Subject Line: Resignation

If you are emailing someone to hand in your resignation then you must know their name so address this as:

Email Resignation Letter Template

Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms Surname or however you refer to them if known by person.

Please accept this email as my resignation from the position of (Job Title).

My notice period as stated in my contract of employment is (state how long) therefore my last working day with (name the company) will be (state the last day eg: if a months’ notice and you hand your notice in at the beginning of the month then your last day will be the last working day of the month.

This wasn’t an easy decision to come to but I am tendering my resignation as I have accepted a position with another company and I feel at this time in my career it will further my growth and career aspirations.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working at (name of company) and thank you for giving me the opportunity and teaching me all that I have learnt during my time with (name of the company).

During my notice period I am willing and happy to help you in any way possible to make the transition as smoothly as possible including training my replacement if this is what you would require.

If there is anything specific please do not hesitate to let me know and again thank you for giving me the opportunities that you have.

Kind regards


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