Engineering Cover Letter Example

Engineering cover letters are those cover letters which are specifically written by those people who are applying in any job related to engineering. Such cover letters are extremely important as they are meant to give the recruiters a clear idea of the applicant’s skills and qualifications. If written properly, engineering cover letters can be responsible for landing a perfect job to the applicant.

The following are a few types of engineering cover letters:

  • Software engineering cover letters
  • Electronics engineering cover letters
  • Technical engineering cover letters


If you are someone who is looking for tips and suggestions to frame a perfect engineering cover letter, then read the following points:

  • The first section of the cover letter should be reserved for writing down the introduction and the greetings which is supposed to be the most formal part of the letter.
  • The second section of the letter must be written in bulleted form and it must consist of the educational qualifications of the applicant as well as the skills and knowledge areas of that person.
  • The last paragraph must speak of the work experience details of the person. It must also be reserved for thanking purpose as well as a few convincing lines which shall help to make a mark on the recruiter.

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Engineering Cover Letter Example

Dear Mr. Goods,

I am aware about the vacancy in your organization and so would like to apply for the position of a mechanical engineer. It is a long cherished dream to work in a reputed organization like yours.

I have worked as a mechanical engineer in a number of prestigious companies across the country. I have a total work experience of five years as a mechanical engineer. My previous employers include Bateman Machines Limited and Rick Murrains Technologies Corporation. My job was to look into the technical requirements of the machines manufactured by the companies and also planning the designing of the machines. I believe I have excellent technical knowledge and also good at meeting deadlines

It will be helpful for my career if I can join your organization. Please find my resume enclosed with this cover letter.


Your Name

Engineering Cover Letter Template


Dear (put the name of the recipient with appropriate title before it),

With reference to your advertisement posted on (date of posting the advertisement) in (name of newspaper or magazine) I wish to apply for the position of (type of engineer) engineer in your organization. It has been a dream to work in your organization.

I have worked as a (type of engineer) engineer in a number of prestigious companies across the country. My list of employers include (name of previous employers). I have a total work experience of (total number of years). My job responsibilities included (details of job responsibilities). I believe I have strong engineering skills and technical knowledge. I have completed my engineering from the reputed (name of engineering college).

I am also enclosing a copy of my resume attached with this letter.


Your Name

Engineering Cover Letter Format


Subject: (briefly state your purpose for writing the application)

Dear (name of the recipient),

First Paragraph: In this paragraph mention the exact reason for writing the letter and mention the type of engineering post that want to apply to. In case you have got information about the job from an advertisement posted by the organization, mention the source and date of the advertisement.

Second paragraph: In this paragraph the sender needs to give information about himself. He needs to mention his work skills and also his previous work experience along with his educational qualifications. It should sound convincing so that the organization is sure that he has strong technical knowledge and engineering skills.

Third paragraph: This paragraph should contain words of gratitude and how grateful you will be if your application is accepted. The details about the enclosed documents should be mentioned here.




Enclosure: (documents enclosed)

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