H Samuel Careers: Job Application Guide

What can H Samuel, the High Street chain of jewellers, offer job-seekers? We visited their website – https://www.signetjobs.co.uk/ to find out.

H Samuel have now joined Ernest Jones and Leslie Davis to form the Signet Group of companies. Without this knowledge, it is a bit confusing since, clicking on the ‘Careers’ link at the bottom right of the H Samuel home page, you’re immediately taken to Signet’s home page – www.signetjobs.co.uk You might be forgiven for thinking you’d hit a virus or made a mistake of some sort.

Signet’s home page is not helpful either and it is brutally obvious that some marketing ‘genius’ has had his wicked way with it. The majority of the screen is given over to large tabs which lead to video presentations called ‘The watch’, ‘The ring’, ‘The necklace’, ‘The bracelet’, ‘The repair’ and ‘The team’. These seem more about advertising spin than relating to actual jobs and, if I were someone looking for work, I would assume that they were all about trying to persuade me to by my ever-loving a new ring rather than putting a crust on her table by getting a job.

A lot of spin and no real content. ‘New hat, no knickers’ we used to say when someone had got their priorities wrong. Still, let’s hope it gets better.

Across the top of the page are links which read: Home – About – Head Office Careers – Retail Careers – Login. This looks better although they were less obvious than the videos.

Choosing ‘Retail Careers’ takes us to a search screen that allows us to pick from 7 different categories (not one of which is a sales assistant). These are: Store Manager (1), Store Manager Designate (1), Deputy Manager (0), Deputy Manager Designate (0), Assistant Manager (3), Assistant Manager Designate (3) and Horologist (0). The numbers in parentheses are the number of vacancies in the whole of the UK – i.e. there are 8 jobs in total!

Picking one at random gives no details about the salary, hours or working conditions, just more spin about ‘why you may not have heard about Signet’. I’m beginning to wish I hadn’t.

Choosing the other option, Head Office Careers, leads to 13 different categories, again with the number of vacancies in brackets: Area Management (0), Buying and Merchandising (1), Central Services (0), Corporate Business (0), Facilities (0), Finance (1), Human Resources (1), Information Technology (0), Internal Audit (0), Logistics (0), Marketing (3), Property & Store Development (0), Retail Services (0) and Security (1). This time there are a total of 7 jobs.

Picking one at random in the desperate hope that it will prove inspiringly different to the Retail Careers section, I was met with the same tired old spin about Signet.

No salary details, no conditions, no job description yet you are supposed to apply in detail to these people. No doubt they will then grumble about applications just being tossed off without proper consideration of the needs of the actual position. How can you target it when you don’t know what it is you’re targeting?

Come on Samuel’s. 15 jobs in the whole of the UK and not one sales assistant required? Is the recession really that bad?

Perhaps if someone were to buy that ring …?

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