How to Tell If Your Job Interview Went Well

No one can deny that job interviews are nerve racking and daunting experiences. It doesn’t matter how well you have prepared, you will still feel nervous. Even if you know that you will get a job whatever happens you will still feel the pressure of the interview. It’s just natural. Nothing wrong with that.

There is no such thing as tough interview questions of course if you do your homework well. Most companies have a certain interview structure and a bunch of questions that they ask randomly. Just visit sites looking for similar skills as the job role to see likely interview questions for your job interview.

It’s not too difficult to understand whether your interview went well or down the cliff. Depending on the competition for the job and number of people they have interviewed you can usually tell it went well if you have answered all the questions correctly without mumbling.

Interview Tip: Always use examples when you are answering a question during an interview. Reciting examples is easier as you have lived it and it’s somewhere in your brain, all you need to do is to recall it. The interviewers are often looking for you to demonstrate skills so this will be a positive.

Signs that your interview went well and you may get the job!

#1 Your feeling it

You would definitely tell if your exam went well or not as soon as you leave the room because you know what you did. Job interviews are exactly the same as taking an exam so you will get a feeling about it as soon as you leave the interview room.

Interviewers are supposed to have poker faces so you won’t tell whether it was all good or not, however you can still tell the outcome from their faces, hand shaking (don’t expect a hand-shake for a while though, thanks to COVID-19) and the way they talk.

You can always tell unimpressed and uninterested faces.

Interview Tip: If the interviewer thinks that you are going to pass this interview then they will stop taking notes and they will be very uninterested while you are talking rather than listening to you because they have already given their decision. They will also try to interrupt you and go to the next question or finish the interview if they think you are not the right person for the job so they can move on to the next candidate.

#2 They asked you about your notice period

It is always a good sign if the interviewer asked you about your notice period with your current employer. Obviously things are going well and they are trying to find out when you could possibly join them.

Unfortunately it’s not a sure sign as it may be a question that they have to ask per company policy.

Interview Tip: Look at their faces and the way they ask. A smiling face and looking at you right in your eyes usually suggests things are going well. If they ask this question quickly and tell you that you don’t have to answer or worry about it then this question is likely to be a standard one that they ask to all candidates.

#3 Someone else entered the interview room

Suddenly someone else joined the meeting? It’s usually a good sign unless the person joined the meeting was supposed to be there and was just running late.

The person that entered the room might be from the company’s HR department and is there to ask you questions about the details and inform you about company policies, or perhaps a line manager to see whether you personalities would be compatible.

It may be a more senior person who will offer you the job just right there, during the interview. This scenario has happened before and will happen again, why can’t it happen to you?

If your interviewer leaves the room as soon as someone else leaves then this can mean something went wrong but not always.

#4 They have suddenly wanted to show you around

Of course it is a good sign if they show you around and tell you where you are going to be sitting and coffee tables etc. It’s even better if they introduce you to the staff.

It is possible this is a standard company procedure but this would be a time-consuming process so it is more likely to be a positive indication that something has gone well.

#5 Your interview took ages

You feel like you will never finish. You are all sweating and wishing to be out of the room as soon as possible.

You should know that interviews going well tend to take longer than the ones that are unlikely to be successful. Consider every question as another stage you have to pass like a digital game.

Interview Tip: Companies won’t spend much time on anyone whose interview is not going well and will end the process as soon as they can to avoiding wasting time for both parties.

#6 They are friendly… more than they would usually be

They obviously think that you are a good fit for the job and trying to look friendly so you would choose them. If they are making jokes, laughing and trying to make the interview less formal then you can tell that it is going well for you.

They wouldn’t want to give you false hope if they don’t think you are the right person for the position.

Interview Tip: It doesn’t matter how much less formal they are and joking, laughing you should still maintain your professional approach however you can join the jokes and laughs as long as you avoid behaviour that could be considered inappropriate to keep yourself employable.

#7 They started talking about the next stage

This is definitely a good sign. It means that things are going well for you and interviewers want to go further with your application.

If the conversation has lead on to negotiating your salary, uniform policy etc then congratulations, it sounds like the job is in your hands!

Interview Tip: Make sure you have considered the minimum salary you are willing to accept along with your ideal salary so you don’t verbally agree a figure that is not feasible and have to renegotiate. Add up all your costs and expenses, including any new expenses (travel costs and eating out) and then calculate what this is so you have a real number in your head before you arrive.

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