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There are many different HSBC jobs that you can apply for, all offering unique opportunities to work for the world’s “local bank”. With a growing list of services and a solid foundation in the banking sector, HSBC still attracts a large amount of attention from applicants looking to work for HSBC and gain a career from them.

Still Number One

Dependent on the skills you have, there are roles available that will see you progress quickly and ensure maximum job satisfaction from a company proud to be pushing the business and its values forward year upon year. Indeed, there have been some setbacks for banks in general, but HSBC is still a popular choice and it has millions of customers.

The Meet and Greet Benefits

If you have a good telephone manner and feel confident making and taking calls, then a call centre or support role would be good for you. For these roles, you would need to be confident and possess the virtue of patience, for naturally there may be some irate callers from time to time that you may have to deal with. Nevertheless, this can be a very fulfilling role and one which sees great teamwork and camaraderie in a friendly office environment. If you prefer face-to-face roles though then perhaps you should consider working in the HSBC retail banks. With a high-level of day-to-day customer interaction, staff get a real buzz from working in a bank and offering advice and assistance to customers that walk through the door as opposed to purely talking on the phone to them. It all depends on where you feel most comfortable. Some prefer speaking on the phone; others prefer speaking in person.

Call In The Specialists

If you already have some relevant experience, from either working in the financial sector or more specifically in a bank, you are instantly at an advantage. You can move into a new role with HSBC and advance your specialist skills. A financial services specialist can earn a healthy salary with great long-term prospects, so you could join HSBC at any level and see where the role will take you.

The Graduate Intake

Of course, HSBC haven’t forgotten about the graduates that end each year wondering which employer is going to give them full-time employment. HSBC have a dedicated graduate website which advises about the next steps they can take and how they could apply for a role at HSBC. This shows an employer that genuinely cares about graduates and provides them with an easy access way to apply for HSBC jobs as they start to venture into the world of work.

A Proud Heritage

HSBC is immensely proud of the fact they are one of the world’s oldest banking groups, and with this longevity comes great pride and trust from the people that work for them. The HSBC business origins date back to 1865 and the rich heritage shows just how successful this banking corporation is. People from all walks of life crave HSBC jobs because they know how important it is to get a foot in the door at a place where hard work gets valued. There will be bonuses and future promotions for people that join HSBC at a relatively low-level role, so there is no need to feel like you’ll be stuck in a stagnant role for the rest of your career. Show the initiative and determination to climb the career ladder and you will reap the rewards.

Equality and Diversity

HSBC also values the varied skills and experience that people from different walks of life can bring to the business. Placing equality and diversity at the top of their agenda, everyone is encouraged to apply for HSBC jobs and they can rest assured that they will be respected, valued and given equal opportunities at al levels. In truth, many companies suggest that they do this but many do not fulfil their work ethics. HSBC is one company you can trust in – not only with your money, but also with your career.

How to Apply for a HSBC job

1- Go to

2- View or search jobs links will take you to where you are going to complete your job search.

3- You don’t need to be logged in to search vacancies however you will need to log in to start your application.

4- You will also need to have your CV and cover letter ready on your PC or smartphone.

5- Read the job description careful to avoid disappointment and wasting your time.

6- Click Apply Online once you are ready.

7- Whole process will take about half an hour.

8- Wait for HSBC to let you know whether you were successful or not.

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