Immediate Resignation Letter Example

If you are looking to hand your resignation in with immediate effect then I am presuming that your current position has not gone well and you are looking to escape as fast as you possibly can!

Before you do this please consult any offer letter, contract of employment or statement of main terms and see what your notice period for your role is. Most employers allow one month at either side so if you are preparing to get out of your contract immediately then make sure you know what your notice period is and explain the reason why you are not doing your notice in your letter.

To help you write this letter, please see the below example which you may use as a guide:

Resignation Letter: Immediate

Mr. A. Employee
1, My House
Any Street
This Town
PO57 3DE

1st May 2014

Mrs. A. Manager
The Company
Employment Street
That Town
PO57 3DE

Dear Sir/Madam/To Whom it May Concern/ Name Mr or Mrs XXX,

Please accept this letter as formal resignation from my position of (detail your job title here) with immediate effect.

I understand that from reading my offer letter/contract of employment/statement of main terms that my notice period is (how long does it state?) but at this time I do not feel that I can work my notice period because of (please state the reason why you are unable to do this? Has something happened at work? Have you found a new job which requires you to start straight away? – Please be careful if this is the situation as it doesn’t speak well to your new employer either, have you had personal problems which means that you are unable to work your notice? – Whatever your reason for lack of notice then make sure you explain this constructively and remember that you would like a reference from your employer one day).

I would be grateful if you would forward my final pay slip and P45 to my address (as above or detail here where you would like it sending to). I understand that my final pay will include any holiday pay that I have not taken and any monies owing from this final months work.

I would finally like to thank you for the experience you have given me working with (name of company), my apologies for being unable to give you my notice period.

Wishing you every success for the future, Best Wishes.

Yours faithfully/sincerely


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  1. Coreen Kara Tinaza

    what if i’m resigning because i need to look after my son so could not work anymore.I need immediate resignation because no one will look after my son anymore.Is it acceptable?

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