Mechanical Engineer Cover Letter Example

Apply for the latest Mechanical jobs via our cover letter examples. You will need customise these examples before sending them to the employers.

Don’t forget to amend this example before using it for your job applications.

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Mechanical Engineer Cover Letter Example

Mrs. B. Employee
4, Your House
That Street
Your Town
PO57 3DE

Dear HR

In reference to the vacancy in your organization posted in, I would like to apply for the position of a mechanical engineer in your organization.

I have worked as a mechanical engineer in a number of prestigious companies across the country. I have a total work experience of five years as a mechanical engineer. My previous employers include Bateman Machines Limited and Rick Murrains Technologies Corporation. My job was to look into the technical requirements of the machines manufactured by the companies and also planning the designing of the machines. I believe I have excellent technical knowledge and also good at meeting deadlines that will prove beneficial for the organization.

I am herewith enclosing my resume for your further reference. Looking forward for a positive reply from your side.


Your Name

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