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A job at NatWest can provide you with a fulfilling and meaningful career for many years to come. Those who join feel immediately welcomed by the friendly staff and appreciate the numerous opportunities for training and development. That’s why NatWest jobs are attracting significant interest even in today’s struggling economic climate. However, NatWest is seeing growth and improvement and proving that they are recession-proofing the future for their customers and employees.

The Power Of NatWest

NatWest is owned by the RBS group and this deal was completed in 2000 at a cost of £21billion. In fact, it was the largest take-over deal in British history. From then, NatWest has continued to capitalise on its success and it remains one of the UK’s favourite banks. By joining this company you will get to see the various employee benefits that staff are entitled to and gradually build up your foundations for a great career with a company who cares.

There’s a competitive salary and additional benefits including an exclusive selection of lifestyle offers and everything is tailored to meet your individual needs. If you have the experience behind you then there are going to be opportunities to further your desired job prospects with a company that can really take you all the way. Being a part of the RBS group means you get the support you need to grow and develop as well as the reassurance that you are with a company that is staying put.

The Customer Service Roles

There are a number of customer service and administration roles at NatWest, available all over the UK. Of all the NatWest jobs, roles of this nature are perhaps the most popular because school-leavers and graduate tend to aim for these positions as an ‘entry-level’ way to join the company. If you like dealing with customers face-to-face or even over the phone, then a mortgage advisor might be a great role for you. People with the skills and knowledge in this area are bound to do well, and mortgage advice is being sought by people from all over the UK as some look to buy their first property and others look into property development opportunities. For this type of role though, it is highly likely you will need some skills in the area before applying, so try and get some experience under your belt ready to give you a great chance of a position at NatWest.

Be The Best Manager

In addition to this, there are managerial roles which would suit the more experienced individual ready to take their career to the next level. With a wide range of niche areas that you could be working in, you could be meeting targets in the financial planning office or even the business development area, and your managerial skills will help drive the staff and promote great teamwork. Running any department relies on great communication and a combined effort to meet targets and promote customer satisfaction, in turn ensuring there is ample job satisfaction for your staff. Does this sound like your area of expertise? NatWest jobs are available for you.

Executives and Graduates – Apply Now

For those looking for something more executive, there are specialist roles that could see you working in Purchasing, HR or Marketing to name but a few. These jobs attract much attention and being able to put NatWest down on your CV naturally looks good. Having a good CV showing relevant experience from a reputable company is important, which is also why many graduates choose to start their careers with NatWest. They could join at 21 years old and end up staying there many years because they have great prospects, with in-house promotions and opportunities that rival other businesses. There are in fact 30 different graduate programmes, so you can choose the one that is right for you and going to give you that head start over your peers. You’ve got the grades; now get the NatWest job.

How to Apply for a NatWest job

1- Go to

2- Search your dream job. You don’t have to be registered to search vacancies however you will have to logged in to apply for jobs.

3- Once you have found your job then click on “Apply for this job”.

4- You will be redirected to to complete your application. You will either register or login to access the job application.

5- Have your CV and covering letter ready as you will need them.

6- Whole process will take about half an hour so make sure that you have enough time to start.

7- NatWest will let you know whether you were successful or not.

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