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First thing first, Thank you NHS! for everything you have been doing for us during the pandemic.

It’s a cold and cruel world in this day and age. Especially when it comes time to find the right job. It is getting to the point now that if you land a job that you love, then you are really lucky because the chance of finding a job that you like to do is almost zilch.

It is getting to the point now where we can’t be too picky about what kind of job we get. With the economy in some provinces or states the way it is, you are lucky to even find a job half the time. Today we will be covering NHS and some of the job vacancies that might or might not be available to anyone lucky enough to trip over the opportunity.

For those of you who are wondering just what NHS is here is a quick rundown. This site provides a recruitment service for people who live in Wales and England who are looking for a career in the NHS. Their site www.jobs.nhs.uk is always updated with the latest job vacancies so you will get a chance to at least get your foot in the door and apply.

The service of NHS is being updated and expanded so this is the best time to join the team and get yourself noticed. With the expansion, they will be needing more staff and with the new policies for employment that are being drawn up is making the NHS the best place for you to get a career going and climb that ladder of success.

Your work life just got better!

It is said that everyone who works at NHS are expected to get the IWL standard, translated this means that this company pays attention and values their staff:

  • Their employment practices are up to date, savvy and modern.
  • This company encourages a healthy outlook on the home life and work life. They encourage you to work hard but not to lose sight of how important your family is.
  • They are very involved in working plans.
  • Every person that works at NHS has the chance to grow professionally and personally. They are offered many opportunities to brush up on training.

The employers at NHS have a goal that states, every person who works at NHS will be diverse and each one an individual in their own right. They will also have:

  • Working arrangements that are flexible and doable.
  • There are counseling services available for Occupational health.
  • They also have a day-care and they will help families that need help with the children while the parents work.
  • They also make sure that the staff is protected against harassment and from violence. No employee will have to go through stuff like that on their own.

The terms of service and payment:

  • The NHS has many career opportunities that allow an employee to grow and advance in their job and move up to a higher pay scale, over the years these terms have gotten better. All of the NHS employers offer:
  • Minimum of 4 weeks off every year, and every year that you are with NHS, your vacation time gets better.
  • The employees also receive paid sick leave that only gets better the longer that you are with the company.
    There are tons of other benefits for the employees that only improves.

Well, that is all for now on the job front. Remember, find a job that you are passionate about and hang on to it, some of us out there are not so lucky as to have a job that we love.

How to Apply for NHS jobs

1- Go to nhs jobs.

2- Use to search form by entering the job title and location.

3- Once you have found your dream job then hit apply!

4- Register or login and start your application.

5- Make sure that you have your CV and cover letter ready before the application.

6- Wait to hear from the NHS!

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