Office Manager Job Application Cover Letter Example

If you are going to apply for a Office Manager job then why not use our covering letter example?

Cover letters are still widely in use and many employers are still looking to see a cover letter along with your application.

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Office Manager Cover Letter Example


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Dear Mr. Carter,

I have over 15 years’ experience as office manager for a busy, thriving company. My position is very similar to the position you have advertised for office administrator at your university. As a dedicated employee with a strong track record and certification in office management, I am certain that I could positively contribute to your office’s continued success. My attached resume highlights my accomplishments. Listed below are some of my specific skills:

Able to initiate and complete difficult projects.
Expertise in all office software.
Exceptional communication skills.
Excellent editor and proof-reader.
Successful trainer and recruiter of new employees.
I would be happy to contribute my talents and experience to your dedicated team. I am loyal, hardworking and committed to the success of your company.

I will contact you by the end of the week to discuss the possibility of an in-person interview. If you would like to contact me sooner I can be reached at 518-488-7258. Thank you in advance for your time.


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