Resignation Letter Example for Tesco

Use this Tesco resignation letter example if it’s time to quit for you!

If you are resigning from a job, then you may feel it does not matter how you do it. However, there is a formal process that you have to go through. This is because you have a contract to work for the company and you will be ending that contract and so need to inform them formerly of that.

You will need to do this by letter. You would normally address it to your line manager and they will then inform higher managers and the human resources department. The letter can be very short, but it is always nice to include a reason for why you are leaving, a thank you for the opportunity and a request for them to confirm receipt and any arrangements that need to take place. Explaining why you are leaving will show them that it is not their fault as it is normally to take on a new role elsewhere. It is also good to put a note of thanks in there because they have helped you by giving you an opportunity and paying you wages, so it is polite to show your appreciation. Lastly you need to ask for them to confirm, your leaving date, so that it is official and let you know about handing in items. You may have a pass, uniform and things like that which belong to them and you will need to hand them back, probably on your last day of work. You may be relying on the company to provide you with a reference so you are wise to be polite. The layout could be as follows:

Tesco Resignation Letter Example

I am writing to tender my resignation from the position of ________ with effect from (date).

I am leaving Tesco to take up a new position which will enable me to further my career/be closer to home/change my career.

May I take this opportunity to thank you and the company for the support that I have received during my employment at Tesco.

Please would you confirm the leaving date and arrangements for handing over work and handing back equipment.

The letter would normally be typed and delivered by hand to the person it is addressed to, where possible. It is polite not to tell anyone else about it until you have officially given notice.

You may have holiday owing and have questions with regards to pension allowances or other personnel matters. If this is the case then make sure that you contact the human resources department once they have confirmed your leaving date and they will give you that information.

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