The Best Resignation Letter Examples for the Year 2022

The Best Resignation Letter Examples for the Year 2022

Resigning from a job is not an easy decision to make. As many of you will agree that leaving your job without finding another one is not really recommended.

We are in a global pandemic and millions of people are out working at the moment. People who have lost their jobs may not find another job in the near future so don’t be too quick to resign from your job.

Do not slam the door if you have to quit your job. You never know you may want to go back to your former employer in the future. Resign gracefully. Be formal and never resign verbally. Write down everything on paper or most likely in an email.

Address your letter to the right person and be respectful. You have had all that time with that company you are now leaving and you should be grateful for all the years they have employed you.

There are a few things that you should consider when writing a resignation letter:

things to consider before submitting your resignation

– Be respectful: Don’t be rude. There are no known benefits of being rude when writing your resignation letter to your employer. You need to be a decent professional.

– Send it to the right person. Sending your letter to the wrong department or person will just delay your resignation to be processed. The right department would be Human Resources in most companies.

– Avoid using free templates you found online. It’s not too difficult to put together a letter and send it to your employer.

– Keep it short. Do not write a long letter that will tell all the story of your time within the company. Chances are they won’t read it.

Resignation Letter Examples

Reasons to quit your job

People would usually quit their jobs due to disagreements with their managers, supervisors or colleagues. You will have to leave if you can’t resolve the issues as you can’t be productive if you are not happy.

Career change or promotion is the best reason to resign however you shouldn’t burn the bridges in case things wouldn’t work out with your new job. You must think for a while before going ahead with changing your employer.

if you have been offered more money for the same position from a different company may sound very tempting but more money wouldn’t always bring you happiness. You will have to change many things to settle for your new role. Is slightly more money worth facing with different locations, different colleagues and different environments? If yes then go ahead!

Don’t make the decision yourself

involve your family members or friends to see what they think about your move. They may see things that you can’t because of your emotions. There are many people who regret their move to a different employer. It’s not always very easy to go back to my former employer. They will replace you once you give your notice. No one is unreplaceable. Yes, you are important however companies have to move on as you just did.

People will see things from a different perspective so listen carefully when you have been advised about your decision to leave.

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