Salary Offer Acceptance Cover Letter Example

Use this covering letter example if you are going to accept a salary offer from the employer.

This is letter is for those who are accepting a salary from a different company rather then the one they are already working for. You wouldn’t need to write a letter to accept a new salary from your current employer.

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Salary Offer Acceptance Cover Letter Example


John Mayor
That House
Some Town
My Post Code
My Number

Dear Mr. Carter,

I am pleased to accept your invitation to become a/an (TITLE) for the (COMPANY) at the monthly salary of (AMOUNT). I am certain that the duties that will be assigned to me will be both interesting and challenging.

I will submit two weeks notice to my current employer, effective (DATE). I will stay in touch with you during the interim to facilitate a smooth transition between companies.

I am excited and eagerly look forward to joining your (DEPARTMENT) staff. I know that I will have many opportunities for growth with a company the calibre of (COMPANY).


Drew Sterling

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