Sales Consultant Resume – CV Example

It is important to have a clear, concise and specific Sales Consultant Resume as the position differs between industries.

Sales consultant resume issues

Sales consultancy jobs are only similar in the broadest sense of the job description. In practice, they can be totally different. All of these jobs are customized for their industries, and their functions can involve a lot of professional knowledge.

Sales consultancy skills are only transferable to a point. Some basic functions will partly qualify you for a job, but lack of specific skills will instantly disqualify you. The surest way to fail to get a job interview for a sales consultancy is to make a job application lacking clear indicators of relevant job skills.

Resume quality

Sales consultancies are a major employment area, and every job gets a lot of applications. It’s advisable to have a careful look at the job ads for these positions before applying, and to make sure you can cover all requirements of the job.

Employers look for:

  • Industry experience, and levels of experience
  • Core skills across all job functions
  • Qualifications related to job tasks
  • Strong records in previous employment
  • Sales records
  • Customer service experience
  • Administration skills relevant to the position.

Only people who can meet these absolutely essential criteria can be considered for the position. The sales consultant resume therefore carries a lot of extra weight when deciding who gets an interview.

Targeting your resume

We regularly advise people to target their resumes, and in this case it’s particularly important that you do.

The list above is a good template for the most important areas of the resume:

  • Industry experience, and levels of experience: Clarify your experience on your resume by a description of responsibilities that matches the job requirements. Delete any irrelevant information, because it can be misleading, and read like you were doing an unrelated job, even if you’re applying for a position in the same industry.
  • Core skills across all job functions: Spell out each and every skill as part of your resume, using exactly the same terminology as the job ad. Leave no doubt of your ability to do the job in its entirety.
  • Qualifications related to job tasks: These can be related roles like accounts, data entry, customer relations, etc. They should be clearly shown in the education part of your resume.
  • Strong records in previous employment: Employee awards, tenure, evidence of achievement and promotion all provide a good picture of your employment record.
  • Sales records: In jobs with a strong emphasis on sales, a good sales record will get you an interview all by itself. Include sales figures in your resume as part of your “Achievements” entry.
  • Customer service experience: This is particularly important in some sales consultant roles where the tasks are complex and the client base has a wide range of issues. Complaints experience is also a strong credential in these cases.
  • Administration skills relevant to the position: These are the fundamental tasks requiring you to access client accounts, manage applications, and deal with procedural issues. The employer must see that you can do all these jobs, not just some of them.

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