Special Education Teacher Cover Letter Example

Special need & education teacher cover letter example can be used for the latest job vacancies.

Don’t forget to customise these letters before using it for your job applications.

Special Education Teacher Cover Letter Example

Mr. A. Employee
1, My House
Any Street
This Town
PO57 3DE

Dear HR

My knowledge as a special education educator has equipped me properly to seek out the post of special education teacher for this school as announced on JMyjobsUSA.com. I would like to meet you to talk about a number of my plans for reaching learners with special wants, physically and psychologically.

I am aware that special education teachers are hard to come across. I assure you that if you employ me I will carry my knowledge, know-how, and eagerness to this glorious work.

I’m free to meet you at your ease any weekday except Wednesday. Please contact me via my email id given in the resume to organize an interview if you’d feel like talking further with me. I am grateful for spending time in going through this cover letter and going through my resume.


Your Name

Enc: CV and cover letter

Special Needs Teacher Cover Letter


Recipient’s Name: ___________________

Recipient’s Position: _________________

School’s Name: _____________________

Date: –/–/—-

Dear (The recipient’s name with title i.e. Mrs., Miss, Mr., etc.)

I wish to apply for a teaching position, on the (level of application), in your (name of school). As a (year of graduation) graduate of (college name), I have pupil teaching skill on the (level) grade, in both housing and urban school areas.

At present I am teaching at (name of preschool). This position allows me to give these pupils with a good start in mastering vital skills. I am dared to be creative, fostering and mainly, patient.

I had interned as a (middle school name worked at) in my final year of college. This let me teach fourth grade and gain useful training.

I would love to be interviewed by you and expect to hear from you as soon as possible.


Name of Sender

Address of sender

Special Teacher Cover Letter Template


Name of recipient:

Title of recipient:

Name of school:

Address of school:


Dear (Recipient’s name),

First section: The first paragraph is mainly important division of the education cover letter where you need to frankly get to the main fact and talk where you get the advertisement for the job application. Remember to mention the position of teacher you are concerned about working as.

Second Paragraph: In this section you need to mention your educational background as a teacher, your last work knowledge and any momentous professional triumph. You have to be unassuming and at the very same time show yourself as a perfect applicant for the post.

Third section: The last section has the summary parts where you need to end your letter. Try to show positivity, thankfulness and self-assurance before ending the letter.


Name of sender

Address of sender

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