Starting a Career in the Geoscience Sector

Governments around Europe and the world are under intense pressure to reduce carbon emissions caused by non-renewable energy sources such as Oil and Coal. The negative effects such activities have on climate change have been evident for decades and because of this a greener future is foremost on the majority of government agendas.

The European Union has demanded that at least 20% of energy created within Europe is from a renewable energy source by the year 2025. The UK has followed suit and set a commitment to ensure at least 15% of its energy is from a renewable source by the same date.

Increased awareness, improved technology and harsher legislation mean that the renewable energy industry is truly growing at the current time despite global economic doom and gloom. Such growth is also being stimulated by many large multinational companies such as Google who are proactively investing into a greener future. It was announced earlier this month that Google have acquired a $75 million equity stake in an Iowa wind farm, which now brings their total investments into renewable energy projects to almost $1 billion.

Such growth has been evident in the UK solar power market which is now the fastest growing nation for solar power and overshadows its nearest competitor Spain’s rate of growth. Due to such growth, reports suggest a skill shortage and employment gap will soon follow within the renewable industry. The UK’s renewable energy scheme requires highly-qualified engineers and scientists to help in future developments, however with less and less young people opting against further education in science and maths these skills could soon be in short supply. Despite many concerns industry leaders believe that skills required will overlap with skills already evident within the oil and gas industry. Therefore with the decline of our dependence on oil & gas “man-power” can be switched across organically to the growth industry of renewable energy.

If you have a real interest in the environment and are considering the pursuit of a career within the renewable energy & geoscience sector it is important to keep up to date with the latest news and events, and proactively search for opportunities. It is a great idea to sign up to recruitment companies such as CV Library who display plenty of job opportunities currently available in the industry as this will enable you to view any potential careers which could be of interest.

Volunteering is another great way into the industry where experience is vital. This will enable you to get some experience under your belt and make some contacts within the area of renewable energy jobs along the way.

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