Top 9 Tips For A Successful Online Job Search

Searching for a job used to be completely tedious and dependent upon newspaper ads, journal advertising or word-of-mouth. Today job seekers can also employ several other tactics to expand their search and increase the likelihood that they will land their dream job. Online job searches are just one such technique.

And in fact, although online job searching is one such technique, there are several different ways of accomplishing this task that will net you different results. Here are couple of tips to get you started on your search online.

Searching for a job online is not easier or harder than it is off-line. The pros and cons are different but the energy expenditure is the same. Don’t be fooled into believing that the only way you can find a job is online either. Online job searches are meant to augment the work that you are doing by networking with friends, relatives and previous employers as well is scouring your industry journals and networks.

#1. Don’t just rely on job boards, try search engines

Jobs search engines can be used to make your online job search easier by searching through the top job posting sites, companies sites and niche job sites. Don’t rely specifically on job search engines such as Hound. Although they are an incredible as to your job search they are just one piece
of the puzzle.

#2. Social media can be your remedy!

Social networking sites have become extremely popular in all niches. Examples of these sites are
Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and LinkedIn. These are also websites which will help you to network online with potential employers or individuals who may be able to put in a good word for you at their company. You should also understand that most employers are now doing searches for their a potential employees to investigate what these people are writing online.

While it is important to use your real name when dealing with potential employers or networking in the social scene it is also important to be sure that what you are writing you are comfortable with potential future employers reading.

#3. Apply directly from the company’s website

Company websites often have a page where they post current job openings. Some believe that this you have a better chance of getting to be interview if you approach a future employer through their own website and not through a posting they may have put on a job board. You can search through these postings by using a search engine such as Hound.

#4. You can also be head hunted

Employers are also looking through the Internet for job applications such as and When you post on these sites be sure that your resume is up to speed, is formatted well and contains no grammatical or spelling errors. Remember that your resume is the first impression that employers will have of you.

#5. Register your interest!

Look for the ability for a site to send you automatic job alerts when a job is posted in your location or job category. This helps you get the edge over your competition by applying quickly while matching the job qualifications specifically.

#6. Upload your CV

Explore your professional affiliation sites for job postings or listings. This will also give you a way of networking with peers in other geographical areas that may land you a future job.

#7. Polish your CV with online tools

Doing an online search also means having opportunities you wouldn’t otherwise have such as the site which allows you to load a traditional resume with addons like video, images and links.

#8. Subscribe for job alerts is a site that will allow you to keep track of all of the information you collect during your job search online. You can log where your resumes are sent, jobs you’ve applied for and the status of each. It is an incredible organization tool that will help you manage the maze of job search opportunities.

#9. Don’t forget the indeed! is a site that has several widgets and online gadgets to make your search more organized and productive. There are plugins, alerts, buttons and that saves your searches, jobs and notes online.

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