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Applying for a Veterinary Assistant job? Use our CV example to get started with your application.

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A highly talented and dedicated nursing assistant with huge experience in performing moderate duties relating to health care and patient care. Experience in taking care of patients on a sign scheduled shifts; assisting patients with daily personal care; responsible for maintaining patience quarters in a clean and orderly condition.

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Veterinary Assistant Resume – CV Example

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Summary of Qualifications

  • Years of experience as a nursing assistant .
  • Deep knowledge of nursing assistant tasks.
  • Sound knowledge of safety and accident procedures and prevention.
  • Profound skills in assisting patients if needed.
  • Remarkable bully to suspicions with bodily functions.
  • Strong ability to work on weekends and overtime if requested.
  • Excellent ability to maintain and keep records safe.
  • Uncommon ability to write and comprehend simple instructions, short correspondence and memos.
  • Excellent knowledge of spelling, grammar and parturition.
  • Excellent ability to effectively present them permission in situations to clients in other employees of organizations.


Professional Experience

New York General Hospital, Tarrytown, NY           2019 – Present

Veterinary Assistant

  • Feed and bathe the residents if necessary, attend to personal and grooming needs such as common here, chewing nails, brushing teeth, changing bedpans or helping residents to transfer from the bathroom to bed.
  • Assist residents in moving within New Heaven House.
  • Use mechanical lifts to transfer patients if necessary.
  • Use bathing tubs and trolleys if necessary.
  • Serve meals to patients and feed those who are unable to feed themselves and also prepare trays for self eaters.
  • Take temperature, pulse, blood pressure and respiration.
  • Perform a wide range of motion on patients as requested.
  • Turn and position that patients according to turn schedules as requested
  • Remove or release restraints as ordered.
  • Remove model cards on specific residents while on duty.
  • Assist and encourage patients and obtaining correct goals as stated in healthcare plans.
  • Keep track of splints and other adaptable equipment.
  • Clean up spills on the floor in order to prevent accidents and also participate in safety drills.
  • Note any unusual changes in patient’s conditions and report to nurse.
  • Verbally communicate nursing care problems and concerns to oncoming shifts assigned.
  • Glynn and utility area clean in order to prevent any reuse clothing.
  • Perform continuous checks on patients every two hours.
  • Record data on BM sheet, weight sheet and Nurse assisting flow sheet.
  • Perform duties such as Labstix as requested from the nurse.
  • Attend all mandatory in-service meetings on a regular basis.
  • Participate and attend an all unit meetings.
  • Report all unusual circumstances that may involve patient safety at risk and well-being directly to the nurse on unit.
  • Act as a float after six weeks.
  • Participate in initial staffing, regular scheduled staffing and special staffing for patients.

Education and Professional Training

Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA)

New York University, NY
Associate Degree in Nursing Assistant (2016)

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