What To Do When Your Job Is At Risk

Job market has never been that tough in the UK and rest of the world. No one’s job is secure and anyone and everyone is replaceable easily. You may have a job today but the job you do may not exist next day! It wasn’t like that about a decade ago and unfortunately we can’t really bring these days back or we can’t go back to it however there are things that we can do to protect our careers.

You don’t usually lose your job suddenly. There will be very visible signs. Today, working hard, going to work on time everyday, being punctual, not calling in sick are not enough to keep your job. You will have to be a creative, problem solver and stand out from the employee crowd in order to be safe at work. 

For people with not so hot backgrounds, identifying and dealing with possible red flag employment issues should be among the top things to do when looking for a job. Identifying and thinking of how to fix employment issues isn’t as hard as it sounds. It is mainly a task of taking an honest assessment of yourself and then taking appropriate actions which deal with any negative issues.

Identifying Employment Red Flags

One of the first things you will want to do is sit down with a piece of paper and a pencil. Write down the answers to the following questions:

  • What questions could an employer ask about my background which could raise red flags for employment?
  • What five issues about my background could knock me out of job opportunities?
  • What potential behaviours might need to be addressed and dealt with from an employer’s view?
  • Why would someone want to hire me?
  • What are my best work characteristics?

While all five answers will require an honest assessment to figure out how to fix any employment issues, the first three must be addressed from the employer perspective while the last two must come from your inner self. The answers to the first three questions will help you prepare for employment issues which may be raised during an interview. As for the latter two questions, you need to provide positive answers for both yourself and the employer.

Dealing With Employment Red Flags

Identifying employment issues is the first half of dealing with these issues. Once you have acknowledged these issues the problem of how to fix employment issues becomes much easier to deal with. Here are a few tips which may help in dealing with employment issues:

  • Develop strategies which turn red flags into employment potential
  • For employment related issues, such as being fired, be ready to show how such behaviour is behind you and will not happen again
  • For lack of experience, show how volunteer efforts or other skills can be related to the position in a positive manner
  • For someone who has done many different jobs, find a way to relate and tie together any skills learned from those positions
  • For someone with poor grades or lack of education, take classes in something that you are interested in or that gives you more skills; this will show that you are willing to learn and accomplish something.

How do you fix employment issues? Identifying them is the main hurdle; once these issues become known, you can then deal with them in a positive manner which will show employers that you are willing to take responsibility for actions and are motivated to improve. These three traits will break down many concerns and barriers during the interview process.

Losing your job, being fired etc is unavoidable sometimes especially today however there is one thing you can do, nothing can stop you doing it is to be prepared for any situation. Educate yourself, learn new things everyday.

What you didn’t do today may be your biggest regret tomorrow.

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