What To Do When You Can’t Get A Job?

What happens when you just can’t get a job anywhere? Some people find it hard to believe such things are possible but this situation is a sad fact of life for many.

There are various reasons why you are having problems. For example you may:

  • Have been sacked from a previous job (or even have a criminal record)
  • Be presenting yourself badly (CV, application forms or interview)
  • Have little or no experience (e.g. a school-leaver)
  • Not have (relevant) qualifications
  • Be skilled in a job which is no longer in demand
  • Not be ‘getting out there’ enough
  • Live in a part of the country which has high unemployment
  • Be applying for the wrong type of jobs

We’re going to look at all of these in detail in subsequent blogs so don’t worry: every problem has its solution – really! Finding a job is a bit like falling in love – there’s something out there for all of us: some people just have to look extra hard. You clearly just haven’t found your ideal place of employment yet but, be assured, there’s an employer wishing they had someone like you.

Today we’re going to look at the basic situation of being out of work.

The important issues to deal with are:

  • Not giving up
  • Not getting desperate
  • Not running out of cash

The worst thing you can do is to give up. That is guaranteed to lose. No matter how many knocks you’ve had, no matter how many doors have been shut in your face, you need to pick yourself up and move on. The chances are that, if you’ve taken the trouble to visit this website and read this blog, then you are the kind of person who doesn’t quit easily. So – let’s go for it!

Desperation is also an insidious killer. It can force us into making bad decisions which appear to be the only answer. In fact, all desperation will do is generate new problems that will set up a despair spiral. You have to break the vicious circle and take charge of your panic. If you can conquer this, you will be a stronger person for it.

Cash is always going to be a problem but if you can’t find work, there are always possibilities. Unfortunately the Benefits System is geared towards crushing any initiative out of people. It’s the ‘why should I bother to do part-time work if all that’s going to happen is that they deduct my earnings from my benefits?’ attitude. This misses the point. Despite what we may feel about ‘only going to work for the money’, work is also about interacting with others, developing and honing our skills and nurturing our self-esteem. None of this can be achieved by sitting watching television all day long or by wandering around aimlessly.

The first step towards breaking this cycle (or avoiding it in the first place) is to see getting a job as a job in itself. You are now (unofficially) self-employed and your client (you) is a merciless task master who won’t tolerate you being late for work in the morning or slacking at any time. This means setting the alarm clock, getting up, applying all your effort during the working day (a minimum of 35 hours a week, every week) and keeping going until you succeed.

Read our next blog for more help dealing with the other issues mentioned above.

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