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Wilkinson’s are the one of the biggest employer in the UK with over 20,000 employees. The company has more than 413 stores across the UK.

Wilkinsons would be the right option if you want to build a career in retail. Employee satisfaction is really high according to the reviews made by real employees.

When you are searching for a good customer focused job role, why not look into Wilkinson’s job vacancies? Wilkinson’s is one of the UK’s top businesses providing customers with excellent value for money and a huge range of products. Being a family run business, it cares about its customers as well as its employees. So working for Wilkinson’s, you can be sure that you will have a rewarding and challenging career.

The Different Job Vacancies Available

You may think that the vacancies within Wilkinson’s would be quite limited. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Whilst most job vacancies are customer related, there are also other opportunities available.

The job roles you could typically find yourself in within the store include:

• Executive and Managerial Roles
• Retail Positions
• Distribution Roles

Obviously, it will depend upon your experience which job vacancies you can apply for. If you have experience within a retail environment and you have managed a team of people before then a managerial role may be better suited to you. If on the other hand, you have no experience at all and you have just finished school or college, you will more likely be better suited to a retail sales assistant role.

Your experience will make a difference in the role you start in. However, Wilkinson’s is dedicated to training and so there will be plenty of opportunity for you to work your way up the career ladder within the store. The company believes that the better trained the staff, the better the store will be run. So no expense is spared when it comes to training.

The Benefits Involved

As well as helping you to progress in your career, Wilkinson’s job vacancies also come with many other benefits.

First, you will be working in a friendly, supportive environment. Your work will be appreciated and you will get all of the help that you need from your manager. As well as a good working environment, you will also get a competitive salary and a pension scheme.

Health care schemes are also included and you can benefit from a generous holiday allowance. There are also many staff discounts that you can enjoy as well as money off mortgages, insurance and on holiday accommodation.

Typically, the benefits that you receive are better than many other retail companies within the UK.

Overall, there will always be a Wilkinson’s job vacancy to suit you. Whether you are looking to work directly with the public or whether you would prefer a more clerical role, there will be a vacancy to suit your skills. There are so many potential benefits of working with the company and with more than 30,000 customers in each Wilkinson’s store each week, you can guarantee that your job will be varied and demanding! However thanks to the Pandemic number of footfall significantly reduced. Most of the employees are on furlough.

How to Apply

Wilkinsons are still recruiting despite the COVID-19. The company sells hundreds of cleaning products which makes it an essential business. You can pop in the stores and buy whatever you need in line with the social distancing rules.

The retail giant has hundreds of stores across the country and it was expanding rapidly before the pandemic.

Here is the step by step guide to apply for a Wilko job:

1- Go to https://wilko.jobs/.

2- Hit search jobs on the front page.

3- Select to join the team.

4- Once you have found your job and click to apply it will take you to another Wilko website called https://www.networxrecruitment.com/.

5- Read the job description properly to avoid disappointments and wasting your time.

6- Once you are happy then hit Apply Now!

7- You need to register or login to proceed with your application.

8- It will take up to half an hour to complete the whole process so make sure that you have enough time.

9- You should have your CV and covering letter ready to be used as you will need them.

10- Submit your application and wait for Wilko to come back to you whether you were successful or not.

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